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Brad Ruark
•  3 days ago
Best compression pants on the market I put them in and immediately my hip n knee pain were relieved I will buy again soon
•  9 days ago
I've never needed compression shorts until now. My husband suggested Sweat It Out. I'm totally impressed. I spoke with Efraim Nathan; he was incredibly helpful. I simply gave him my body measurements and I had the shorts the next day. They fit perfectly! Efraim spent 20 minutes on the phone with me discussing the shorts, how often to wear them, how to care for them. I haven't had customer service like that, ever, from any company. I wore the shorts for one day and immediately ordered a second pair. If you need compression gear, buy from Sweat It will not be disappointed!
•  a month ago
The leg sleeve has been a game changer for me. I tore the ligaments and meniscus in my knee and am Going the route of no surgery. I consulted an Orthopedic Surgeon and did PT. I then spoke to a professional baseball team trainer and he told me to contact Mr. Nathan at sweat it out. After speaking with Mr. Nathan he suggested I purchase the leg sleeve. The difference is life-changing! The swelling has dramatically decreased and the mobility has dramatically increased because my pain level is now at a minimum.. I can’t say enough good things about the purchase of my leg sleeve, and I will continue to wear it, continue to heal and continue to live a Life full of activity. If there were 10 stars, I would give it a 10 star rating! Thank you for this life-changing product!
•  4 months ago
Back when young, thought sweat it out gear was my secret to be fast with motorcycle on track. Now old, my secret to get my right leg to try better. Just to enjoy not hurting as much. Compression gear may be a reach, until you have that experience when your clothing keeps pushing, not hurting.
Karen O'Donnell
•  7 months ago
Two of my sons ran the Muleskin 50 miler race last month (October). A few weeks before the race, my one son began to have knee pain and the other was having generalized lower extremity joint discomfort. I contacted Efraim directly and he immediately wanted to help and get the best product and fit for each of them according to their condition. After giving Efraim their exact measurements, he and his staff sent them out that day! My sons ran the race, finished it and did great (better than they expected)! They noticed that the compression capris made a big difference and experienced less fatigue and joint discomfort during the race! I cannot thank Efraim enough for his efficiency, help and for making such a great product! Thank you Efraim and staff of Sweat It Out! Karen O’Donnell
Samuel O'Donnell
•  7 months ago
Was training for a 50-miler but got runner's knee pretty bad and couldn't train for a couple months. Nothing seemed to help too much but just over the course of 3 days after I started wearing the compression capris the pain was mostly gone and I was able to start training again. Managed to complete the 50-miler while wearing the capris.
Jake O'Donnell
•  7 months ago
I have had knee issues for a long time, and it can be bother some when running. I purchased these compression shorts before doing a 50 Mile Ultra run and they were a life saver. They helped me get through and finish the race with little to no knee pain. Great product. Would highly recommend on for any runner.
•  8 months ago
On September 14th, I suffered a left hip injury, while bowling in my league. My left hip buckled and the pain was frightening. I am a 71 year-old woman and I thought my bowling days were over. I immediately stopped bowling and went home to ponder my next move. By then, I had no more pain and was able bear weight and walk. So being an RN, I surmised my injury was muscular in nature. I went online and entered "supportive garments for a buckled left hip injury". Up popped "Sweat It Out" and I ordered the "Thigh, Groin, Hip Support Capri with Knee Stabilizer". Soon after, I received my first phone call from Nathan Efraim, the company creator and owner. He asked me a few questions and I received my order, a couple of days later. As instructed, I have worn this supportive garment from the time I wake up until I go to bed at night. This supportive garment has been a Godsend!! Five days after my injury, I wore it to my other bowling league and I was able to bowl all 3 games. My left hip was well-supported and with every ball I threw, I gained more confidence that I would be able to continue bowling. It's now over 2 weeks later and I am able to bowl in all 3 of my leagues! During this time, I have spoken to Nathan Efraim a few times...his concern and caring have been much appreciated. I will continue to wear this supportive garment, especially when I bowl. What started out as a terrible experience has turned into a wonderful recovery! Thank you, Nathan Efraim and "Sweat It Out"!! Peggy George Avon, Ohio
•  10 months ago
Best compression shorts I have ever worn and I have tried many. Truly helps with my lower back pain. I have ordered multiple times and always extremely satisfied. Owner actually called me on my last order to make sure the sizing was correct before fulfilling my order.
•  1 year ago
I really like the garment but wish it pulled back my shoulders ever more. If the elastic that is sown from the top of the back was sown over the front of the shoulder and then across the back it would provide even more of the support that I was hoping for.
•  1 year ago
I found Lontex products about 25 years ago and I have been a loyal customer ever since. I am not petite (I wear their largest size) but love to move.....running, dancing, kayaking, cycling, triathlons, weight lifting, etc. These bras have been with me every step of the way. I have some that have lasted for 25 years; totally worth the money invested! They are the most supportive bra with the least friction on the market. Buy some and enjoy moving. Pam F
James Adams
•  1 year ago
I have been purchasing Sweat It Out products since the mid 1990’s. The customer support is excellent. I have purchased a couple products that were tailored to my needs. Again the customer support is excellent. They truly want to make sure the product will meet your needs. Their products are great!
•  1 year ago
The compression shirt provides the additional support I need for my sport, competition target archery.
Cheryl Mccally
•  1 year ago
Excellent service and products. I've been wearing nothing but their bras for 35 years!
Melissa O'Connor
•  1 year ago
Excellent customer services and the compression shorts are excellent. Really helping recover from my thigh injury. I will continue to wear them when I run even after my recovery.
•  1 year ago
I have been purchasing sports bras from this company since 1999 and have never once in 20 plus years had a negative experience. Nathan is the very best with quality of product, customer service and his genuine interest in delivering an excellent product in a timely manner.
•  1 year ago
I’ve used Sweat It Out products for over 10 years. Great product !
Dr Tovah Goldfine
•  1 year ago
Sweat It Out is the highest quality I have seen in my 35 years of working with helping patients with pain. It supports my work 100% not to mention how it helps the muscles, nerves and soft tissues to function better when the patient wears it to exercise. I have seen quicker healing from the original problem as well. Efraim Nathan is an excellent resource and always available with excellent service.
•  1 year ago
The support these capris give is amazing
Denise Davila
•  1 year ago
Love the feel, the fit and how it helps me with my legs.
•  1 year ago
Working very well for me.
•  1 year ago
Compression shorts seemed to have worked as advertised. Great customer service…thanks!
•  1 year ago
Great communication! I had questions before I placed my order, I left a message and got a call back right away. My son says the compression shorts are awesome, he wants a second pair.
•  1 year ago
Excellent. Provided personal assistance in choosing the right product. Very happy with the product.
•  1 year ago
Great customer service and support. Most importantly though is the quality product. The best compression shorts period. Yes I have a collection of others. Save the trial and error and get what works for rehab and avoiding reinjury.