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Zachary Bregman
•  15 hours ago
Highly professional and very accessible
Marcel im
•  a day ago
So far so good, great consult
Ted Levenson
•  a day ago
Xu Jingting
•  4 days ago
Boris Tiomkin
•  21 days ago
Ryan Orgielewicz
•  27 days ago
Got my wisdom teeth out - everything was very quick, the team was very nice and helpful. Would definitely recommend to others.
Richard Morgan
•  28 days ago
Doctor quickly assessed situation and extracted a tooth with minimal discomfort. Speed and skill very impressive. Good follow-up instructions, too.
Rosa Delgado
•  29 days ago
I had to have 2 extractions and wanted the procedure done under sedation. Dr. Shahgoli at Manhattan Maxillofacial Surgery Group was very professional, communicated well and broke down exactly what I was about to experience. Everything went smoothly and without a hitch. Post procedure instructions were presented by the staff who were friendly and accommodating. Punctual appointment and immaculate office. Highly recommend !!
Lizabeth A Gottsegen
•  29 days ago
Dr. Del Valle is a very nice and professional, knowledgeable, caring, compassionate, educational doctor. He is patient and explains everything. He answers every question and doesn't make you feel rushed. His staff is very nice and professional. They are very kind and compassionate as well. Highly recommend this practice.
Damian Perez
•  29 days ago
Great experience!
Jocelyn Llivicura
•  a month ago
Renee Groce
•  a month ago
Referred to Dr. Del Valle for a difficult extraction. Office and medical staff were very helpful and considerate. The extraction when smoothly.
Nancy A
•  a month ago
Lianying Wang
•  a month ago
Dr. Del Valle is very professional, explained well and thoroughly of his solution.
Abigail Hicks
•  a month ago
He was excellent! Very Professional, patience, answers all my questions , makes you feel relax, and he has a very nice personality. Everybody in the whole office was very professional and the office is very clean!
Alisa Matlovsky
•  a month ago
Dr. Shahgoli is amazing. He immediately put me at ease about the surgery and he does terrific work. Highly recommend him!
Leah Dorman
•  a month ago
Nice looking office, very transparent services. Staff are super friendly and the doctor is the best! He takes his time with you to explain what’s recommended and why and his work is super high quality. Plus he’s super nice and friendly.
Nina Dolfen
•  2 months ago
I came in for the extraction of my wisdomteeth. It went very smooth and they took the time to explain everything.
Purvi Gargayan
•  2 months ago
Rene Steele
•  2 months ago
I went to see Dr. Del Valle for a tooth extraction and he and his staff were very pleasant. Dr. Del Valle took the time to walk me through the process including the next steps (implant) and answered all my questions. The extraction and bone graft took very little time and I didn't feel a thing (local anesthesia). The next day I feel fine and I'm back to work. If you're looking for a skilled oral surgeon, I highly recommend Dr. Del Valle.
William Spitler
•  2 months ago
Efficient professional tooth extraction Doctor Shahgoli and staff are first class health providers.
robb munoz
•  3 months ago
Had a tooth extracted and implant placed.. the office setting is professuonal. The doctor and staff were accomodating..given my anxiety.. i was pleasantly surprised with the equipment, it appears to be more advanced and less "irritating" than older office equipment that i visited in the past.. top quality care here!!
Karen Steinberg
•  3 months ago
I had oral surgery to insert 4 implants with Dr. Del Valle. This was a major production requiring pre-planning with my dentist and a lab, creation of a mold structure to use during the surgery, a second phase 2 months later to expose the implants and install caps. Next will be a bridge from the dentist. Quite a big deal, from having my teeth pulled to completion it will take more than a year. It was not pleasant and quite expensive. However, if you have to do it, Dr. Del Valle is the guy. Very caring, explained everything, gave me options, got it done right the first time. He was there when I needed him when I was in pain. I hope I don’t need this kind of procedure again, it if I did, I would return.
brenda grassey
•  3 months ago
Professional and very happy w implant process so far!
Jian Yang
•  3 months ago
Great practice - everything is well structured, timely, and comfortable. Going to the dentist is never something I looked forward to but Dr. Del Valle certainly made my experience the best it could be.