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Cindy Reeh
•  a month ago
My daughters have taken several dance classes at ADI since they were little and always had a good experience. My 12-year-old is now taking Jr/Teen K-Pop dance classes and has learned a lot and made a bunch of new friends. It's a major highlight of her week!
•  a month ago
Екатерина Кисилёва
•  a month ago
Great 👍🌼
Amy S
•  5 months ago
Jennifer Mendelson
•  5 months ago
My teenager and I have had a wonderful experience taking adult beginning ballet at ADI in Greenwood. Gifted teacher, sweet students, welcoming studio. Couldn't be better! We are having a great time!
deborah ahrens
•  5 months ago
After years of saying I was going to do it, I finally signed up for an adult beginning tap class. It was easy to register, staff is friendly, and the teachers are welcoming and supportive. They are also good about breaking things down to a truly basic level and making class accessible to people without dance training (I have it, but haven’t danced in 30 years, so appreciate it!)
Brenna Pink Pampena
•  7 months ago
We love American Dance Institute. My daughter has been taking classes here for many years. She started in ballet, but is now in modern and hip hop. The teachers are fantastic. Dedicated and talented. I highly recommend this studio.
Laura Ingrao
•  9 months ago
Great spot for adult dance classes! I love that it’s one of the few spots that offers shuffling classes. I wish more people knew about them having shuffle so there could be more advanced sessions as well as the beginner.
Louisa Peck
•  10 months ago
I enjoyed ballet classes at ADI way back in the 1980s when I took my body's abilities for granted, but I also returned there in my 50s to revive my skills. The atmosphere was perfect for me. I got encouragement and expert guidance, but what I most remember is my excitement when a teacher told me I belonged in the intermediate class! I hope to go back to ADI in my 60s and try some jazz dance.
Jessica & Tyler Bidwell
•  1 year ago
My daughter and I both take classes here and we love it. Pearla is a great teacher and I am so glad I signed up for her class. She radiates positivity and made learning so easy. Definitely will take more classes in the future.
Jessica Bidwell
•  1 year ago
My daughter and I both take classes here and we love it. Pearla is a great teacher and I am so glad I signed up for her class. She radiates positivity and made learning so easy. Definitely will take more classes in the future.
Brianna Duda
•  1 year ago
I love this studio! The teachers are great, the students are friendly, and the atmosphere is so inclusive. Highly recommend.
ZLin Garcia
•  1 year ago
Pearl White
•  1 year ago
Just took a contemporary class with Angie, and I was just so impressed with how welcoming of a space it was. She is by far one of the best teachers I’ve ever had. She teaches a TRUE beginners class. All too often I see teachers moving too quickly in beginner classes or assuming students have dance background and know terminology. Angie starts from the very beginning. Very impressed.
Cynthia Spalding
•  1 year ago
The ballet classes for adults are great. Wonderful teachers, good studio spaces, relaxed but mindful atmosphere, friendly attitudes. A bit expensive, but worth it. Victoria at Greenwood is great, patient, informative, and inspirational!
Rennato H.
•  1 year ago
Pearla is a great teacher! She was able to share her expertise in a way that was captivating, engaging and fun. I would definitely take another class from her if given the chance.
Erin C.
•  1 year ago
Mickey’s teaching is great! She has built community and skills quickly and helps everyone feel welcome, grow and learn Flamenco. Love the integration of Spanish— more please! :) We are very glad to have our daughter have this experience. The building is worn, but that doesn’t matter—other families kind too.
Mohit Nair
•  1 year ago
I have loved the teachers and staff at ADI Greenwood. There is a wide variety of dance class options, and the staff have been super helpful in rescheduling requests and make-up classes. I have had to miss or reschedule several classes during COVID, but staff (especially Ainsleigh Orwin) have been very kind and gracious in offering make-up classes, issuing credit for future classes, and accommodating last minute changes.
Kris Yoo
•  1 year ago
•  1 year ago
They really work with the student and family to provide a positive experience.
Randy Decker
•  1 year ago
The class i attended was fantastic. The instructor was great to work with. Everyone at the school has been great to deal with. Highly recommend ADI Greenwood to anyone looking to learn to dance.
Tan Chen
•  1 year ago
My daughter Naomi loves the Irish dance class she had over the years! Janelle and Elizabeth are great dance educators and it has been a great experience for Naomi.
Leann A.
•  1 year ago
I took the Adult beginning Hip Hop class and loved it! The instructor, Brinn, was awesome and really made it a fun class.
Zenee Helmstetler
•  1 year ago
I loved my adult tap dancing class!! Really great experience, would love to take another class in the future!
Anne Heskel
•  1 year ago
Fantastic local dance studio that offers a great variety of classes for all ages and ability. Instructors are kind and focused on teaching while having fun.