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Amy T
•  an hour ago
Staci N.
•  2 hours ago
All the staff were wonderful and made me feel very comfortable.
•  3 hours ago
Great service. I really like the cash discount it was so affordable. Brittney was awesome and explained things perfectly. Unfortunately I'll be coming back here because I'm falling apart. (;
Dena Newhauser
•  23 hours ago
•  23 hours ago
Convenient location, clean facility, friendly staff. I had a great experience here, highly recommend for any radiology imaging. I did not have to wait long to be seen, and the technologist doing the exam was very personable and helpful.
Diane Linford
•  a day ago
Helpful staff and prompt service.
Diane L.
•  a day ago
Nice and efficient staff.
Bradley P
•  a day ago
great staff
Adam McMullin
•  a day ago
They reached out to me for the appointment, scheduled via text for two days out, front desk people were great, as well as imaging technician, done in minutes, and affordable.
Sam Wiltse
•  2 days ago
Good friendly professional staff went seamlessly and right on time. Good experience overall
T. C.
•  2 days ago
Snow Queen
•  2 days ago
Everyone was so nice. They were knowledgeable, expedient, friendly.
Mary Fry
•  2 days ago
Fast & friendly
Jared Dunn
•  3 days ago
Christina C.
•  3 days ago
Doctor and staff was very kind and took great care of me
Karen Cornia
•  4 days ago
Ellen Toth
•  4 days ago
Debbie Gordon
•  4 days ago
Treated with so much kindness! Thank you!
Ciah N
•  4 days ago
Thoughtful, compassionate and knowledgeable service are the best things you can have from medical care. Mountain medical gave me all of these and Help me with my diagnosis and on my way to recovery!
Michael Pugh
•  5 days ago
I had a great time at mountain medical for a shoulder mri. With the warm blanket during the contrast injection and clean up with a warm, damp towel, the dim lights and soft music, I felt like I was at a spa. The conversation and hospitality of the nurses/MAs or whatever they were was great and I appreciated the whole team. The mri itself was a treat in an of itself. With the normal background of my life being screaming and fighting young children, the sounds of the mri machine were like a soothing noise machine while I was tucked inside away from all my problems. I was sad when it was over as I was ready to start napping on the exam table. 10/10 would recommend for medical needs or just a nice time away from the craziness of your life. This review is not a joke, 100% honest!
Virginia S.
•  5 days ago
The technical assistant named Anne was very knowledgeable of what she's doing with her work it made me feel very comfortable at all times
Wendy G.
•  5 days ago
Very nice, no wait
Linzee H.
•  5 days ago
First time having an MRI. MRIs are not pleasant. Mary let me know what was going to happen and how much time was left which made it a little more bearable. I just hope I never need another one in my lifetime🤪
Katelyn N.
•  7 days ago
They were wonderful. Quick to get us in and quick to get the results to my doctor. They also had the option to text which is AMAZING. I needed a pre-authorization from my insurance. We hung up and we both called in. I was still on hold when I got a text saying they got it. They did a great job.
Terry Wood
•  9 days ago
A very professional staff with a great personality that places a patient at ease. Doctor was experienced in performing an injection procedure with absolutely no pain. My kind of shots!