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Beau C
•  20 hours ago
I had my new bronco and new hummer ev tinted and it was a seamless transaction with quality work.
Anthony Thomas
•  a day ago
The Best Service and Quality For The Job Of Raps & Tint. recommended TO All People Looking For Eceptional Service + QUALITY....#1
Bernadette Salazar
•  5 days ago
Very happy with the quality of work from Tint My Ride. My family and I are repeat customers 😊!
Faith Amani
•  6 days ago
Hands down the fastest, nicest costumer service I’ve gotten. Reasonable pricing! Thanks Team!
Mark Bomber
•  10 days ago
Very friendly and competent staff. Did a great job very timely and professional .
Carlette Foster
•  11 days ago
This is my third vehicle being tinted and as usual the work was great.
Kevin Chan
•  11 days ago
Was fast and results were amazing
E St John
•  11 days ago
They have always done a great job on my car. Nothing has needed to be redone.
Mohamd Al-Sulaiti
•  12 days ago
Jeanell H
•  12 days ago
I had my windows tinted and a ceramic coating on my new Tesla. It turned out great. I will definitely go back to and recommend Tint My Ride. The prices were great compared to other places I called for quotes.
Beakal Mengistu
•  13 days ago
Great customer service, very knowledgeable, and beautiful work.
Leo Vargas
•  13 days ago
Great job on the tint. Great quality work. I also had a clear bra put on my 2020 Tundra and my 2023 Lexus ES. The front end of the Lexus has a lot of difficult curves and they did a wonderful job! I highly recommend Tint My Ride!
Daniel Bowley
•  13 days ago
I cannot say enough great things about tint my ride. This is the 3rd car I’ve had them tint and I am never disappointed. Customer service is great and they are quick and reasonably priced. If you want your car tinted, go to tint my ride!
•  13 days ago
My Overall Experience with TMR was good. I got multiple quotes from different companies and I must say they were the most competitive in the entire Denver-Aurora area. They did the entire front ppf along with window ceramic tint and I was highly satisfied with the work. There were few spots that needed some rework and they didnt hesitate to fix those without any issues. I highly recommend them!
Darren Sparks
•  13 days ago
I scheduled an appointment to get my daughter car windows tinted as birthday present and she loves it . They were very professional, fast and friendly. In and Out in no time
Don Canady
•  14 days ago
Great service great staff, they care about the work they do and want you to be satisfied.
•  14 days ago
very good and nice, helped me and answered all my questions
Avery Holland
•  15 days ago
Staff was great, very kind and friendly. Knowledgeable. Tint options were great as well. Had all my windows tinted and vehicle looks great. Only issue I had was that there are a couple areas that there is stuff underneath the film one is particular has a bit of stuff under it. There is also one cut that part of the not needed film still connected and hanging. After the tint job as well I had to take my car to the dealership as my car was throwing codes left and right, my infotainment would not bootup, care had collision system warnings, seat belt warnings, horn had issues. Overall not the best of experiences.
•  15 days ago
Amazing service, done months ago and still dark as night with no bubbles. I intend to get my windshield done here as well
Howard Bartlett
•  15 days ago
Professional staff. Friendly. Answered questions. Great results. Lifetime guarantee.
Max Burden
•  15 days ago
The customer service was great, they had the best price and have a lifetime warranty. I have had no problems so far (4months in) I opted for the ceramic tint which really does make a noticeable difference in heat blocking, but more importantly it is much more visible at night. They were quick and overall I’ve had a great experience with tint my ride and will be taking any future cars back to them.
Matthew Boden
•  15 days ago
Very happy with the results and quality for the money! Cheapest tinting I could find in the area. They were very quick, over half the time quoted. Definitely recommend!
Crystal Moore
•  15 days ago
Super customer service oriented. They did such an amazing job on or car! Could not have asked for better quality of work, or a kinder staff!I would definitely recommend to anybody looking for window tinting for cars or trucks!
Jailyn Jenkins
•  15 days ago
They got me in and out during my appointment, the only issue I had was later on there were some blemishes in the tinting where I was hit with “no tint job is perfect”… which I get; however, that really should be explained upfront if they have a policy around waiting a week or two then coming back if they see any blemishes on the windows. Overall, it was pretty solid, quick service, good tint, decently priced, and a pretty quick turnaround from booking to the appointment.
Jim Casillas
•  15 days ago