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Elsa Santos
•  3 days ago
Couple Massage, We just had amazing massage my husband and I , we recommend 100% great staff and great place.
Jaime Saldana
•  3 days ago
Awesome place. Strong hands. Good service
Rachel Fang
•  9 days ago
It would be the best place to go after Disney! I was exhausted from the visit of the wonderland, then I found this spa which is only 5 mins away. I had a 2 hr Massage with hot stones and I was totally replenished and refreshed. Great massage at a great location, I wouldn't hesitate to go there again.
•  17 days ago
Had the best 90 minutes deep tissue massage this long weekend! My therapist was amazing. She got all of my spots of tension and all of my knots. They are always so kind and nice and have spectacular customer service! I will keep coming back.
Yuanming Lu
•  24 days ago
Overall great service! The ambiance was serene and inviting, and the staff was exceptionally professional and attentive. The massage itself was outstanding. I had a full body massage and received a deeply relaxing and therapeutic session. I highly recommend Royal Relax Massage Spa to anyone seeking a top-notch massage experience. It was a rejuvenating escape, and I will definitely come back!
Mengjie Han
•  24 days ago
Excellent services
yifei peng
•  24 days ago
Very professional. Nice staff and great location.
Allan Thomas
•  a month ago
My back was hurting before going to play golf tomorrow and I came and got a deep tissue massage and it was incredible I had knots I didn't know were there. Thank you for your help. I would highly recommend
Keri Steelman
•  2 months ago
Had a great experience with our couples massage with hot stones. I feel so relaxed and we were well taken care of. I would most definitely come back!
•  2 months ago
I had a wonderful couples massage. Everyone was friendly and polite. The massage was extremely relaxing. Thank you so much.
Sadei Ceran
•  2 months ago
Honestly, have no idea why this place is receiving any negative reviews or feedback. I visited for the first time a few days ago and my experience was outstanding from the moment I walked in. I am a bit critical when it comes to paying for services since I work in the industry I have higher expectations and all of the staff exceeded mine. Although, I did mention this was a birthday treat I did not expect the staff to go above and beyond. I truly felt like a VIP the entire 90 minutes! I have felt rejuvenated, energized, and so much less tension in my body every day since my massage. People who are complaining about tipping, that’s part of the service industry. Some employees make little to nothing without tips. Don’t go out for a service like this if you can’t afford to add a tip, simple. To attack the employees is just wrong these are good people. Julie is amazing and super sweet I will be coming back to see you monthly! Thank you everyone for making my birthday Massage so special. I am a very happy customer!! Still on cloud 9 from my hot stone massage + reflexology. HIGHLY RECOMMEND! Looking forward to seeing you all again. Thank you :)
Ernesto Bec
•  2 months ago
I am definitely going back. The masseuse dug deep to break up the knots in my back. I'm someone who needs a lot of pressure in order for the massage to be effective. I am very happy with these guys.
Heidy Jerez
•  3 months ago
Really relaxing deep tissue massage. Got a couples massage thru Groupon but they are also willing to price match to the price on the site which is nice. Very affordable and they really paid attention to my bodies needs
Courtney Brown
•  3 months ago
Found this place on Groupon and it exceeded our expectations. We went to universal the day before and walked 23,000 steps so it was a much needed massage. David was my masseuse and his pressure was perfect, best hot stone massage I had received. My boyfriend was very happy with Lisa’s work as well. I do wish they would have you pay after bc we agreed we would have tipped more but didn’t have cash to add.
Frank Demaio
•  3 months ago
Masseur David gives a massage tailored for my injuries.. Was happy and I will come back.
Beth Grzeszczak
•  3 months ago
Overall nice massage and close to local resorts. Reasonable prices. Came for an hour 15 minute sports massage for my friend and I after both completing a half marathon that morning. Massages were nice, although pressure was a bit much at times. Overall worked out all muscle tension. Biggest complaint was the extraneous noise throughout the building that distracted from the relaxing atmosphere. Massage areas were divided by curtains instead of walls, so You could hear other guests and staff talking. You could also hear when staff were rifling through supplies. Another aspect that was missing from previous massages I have received elsewhere was no water offered after the massage.
wei du
•  4 months ago
Like this place, it’s very close my home, and the massage therapy are very good. Will come back again
Mina Yuan
•  4 months ago
Wonderful experience, great service, perfect treatment for my shoulder pain and low back pain, will be back again next time, perfect
John He
•  4 months ago
Ziyan Wang
•  5 months ago
Bradley Pfingsten
•  5 months ago
Great spot
Trenetra Vaillancourt
•  5 months ago
Best massage I have had in a very long time. The environment was inviting and relaxing. We were greeted kindly and promptly. Can’t wait to return.
•  5 months ago
Price in line with other similar establishments. It's no bargain, but it's not terribly expensive. My first full body massage was average, wife didn't think her's was bad, just not as thorough/deep as she would have liked. She didn't say anything during, of course, she's not confrontational like that. Had I known while we were there, I would have spoken up. I went back and got a second massage and it was excellent. So, all things considered, I think 4 out of 5 is fair. If you're in the area and are looking for a reasonably priced massage, it's worth a shot. Like anything, it depends on who you get.
•  5 months ago
li lin
•  5 months ago
Today I came to this magical place and had a 90 minute massage. The professionals skills were unforgettable.